Hello, my name is Chuck Kopp

I would be honored to continue serving my southwest Anchorage neighbors in District 24 as their State House Representative.

My wife, Trish, and I are both life-long Alaskans born right here in Anchorage. We met each other at UAA while pursuing our education and soon married, 30 years ago.

Today we are the proud parents of one daughter and two sons, who we have been blessed to raise in this great state.

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Alaska Passion

Trish and I love the great outdoors. We hike and fish and embrace the best Alaska has to offer.

Alaska Experience

It is has been a privilege to work in Alaska’s private and public sectors over the past 33 years as a construction laborer, fisherman in Bristol Bay, police officer, police chief, city administrator, state board and commission member.

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 ^Meet ChuckExperienceValuesIssuesContact

Alaska Values

Along the way, I've seen what matters most to Alaskans. I will be a strong advocate for safe neighborhoods, jobs and economic freedom, responsible resource development, high quality education, spending discipline, and the protection of our Permanent Fund. And I’ve learned what it takes to get things done, in business, solving crimes, and in the public arena.

I strongly support our free market economy and limited government, which encourages innovation and allows us the freedom to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I will vigilantly guard the liberties we cherish, which did not come to us by accident.

I am ever thankful to my parents and mentors who taught me the valuable lessons of working together, and encouraging one another through adversity.

I have the right experience and believe I am the right choice to help keep Juneau focused on the issues that matter, and to keep this state a great place to live, to work, and to raise a family.

I absolutely believe that our best days are still ahead of us.

Positions on the Issues Facing Alaska

Chuck believes Alaska's fiscal challenges can be met with:

  1. Disciplined spendingthat does not endanger core services such as public safety, education, road plowing or senior services.
  2. Smart restructuring of the permanent fund earnings revenue to use a portion of *earnings* (not principal) for core government services when other revenues are down, and save these earnings when oil prices rebound.
  3. If necessary, enact a modest sales tax.
  4. Chuck opposes an income tax. An income tax creates a revenue stream only from our workers and our seniors. Isn't there a better way? A smarter tax structure would spread the burden of government across all who utilize our infrastructure and services, is applied universally, won't grow the bureaucracy, and is achievable. For these reasons, if new revenue proves necessary, I support a modest sales tax over an income tax.

Chuck's expertise is public safety and he believes strongly that preventing crime must be a community effort:

  1. Make adjustments to criminal laws as necessary to achieve optimum public safety results
  2. Recruitment and retention of police and firefighters is critical to strong public safety
  3. `put stronger limits on opioid prescriptions, and improve access to medication assisted treatment for addicts.
  4. `invest in treatment and recovery housing infrastructure.
  5. Engaging neighbor to neighbor helps create community and prevent crime
  6. Community Patrols work to prevent trouble and identify potential problems before they escalate
  7. Use all the statistical data available to identify problem areas and how best to focus limited resources

Chuck's committment is to you, the voter:

  1. Chuck is committed to representing you with integrity regardless of political labels.
  2. Chuck is supported by prominent Alaskans across the political spectrum because of his professionalism, leadership and proven problem solving skills.

What other's say about Chuck's work:

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Contact Chuck

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Alaska law requires candidates to gather information such as title and place of employment. The contribution limit is $500 for individuals per calendar year and donors must be US Citizens or permanent residents. Your donation to the campaign is not tax deductible

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